Myth Busting – In Defense of the Throttle

March 14. 2023

Pedego Avenue - Pedego Electric Bikes Canada

“With first-hand real -life experience, I know in my mind and in my soul why a throttle is such a no brainer.” – Rémi Gagnon, Pedego Ottawa and Montebello owner and daily ebike commuter

Who would have thought something so useful would need us to defend it!? Here at Pedego, we love throttles (alongside pedal assist) on our ebikes because of the options they give us.

Not everyone paints a throttle in a positive light, however. Here we provide some clarity on a few unfortunate throttle rumours out there.

  • False - Throttles on ebikes are illegal in Canada.

    Of course, they are legal in Canada. They are not legal in Europe where most ebikes are also limited to 250 W motors and there is a focus on mid-drive motors (no throttles).

  • False - Throttles make you lazy

    No, they don’t. Your throttle is your accelerator. It gives you options. It doesn’t mean you don’t get to pedal. It doesn’t mean you don’t get exercise. Most of our riders use a combination of pedal assist and throttle – we love having the choice!

  • False - Throttles aren’t safe

    When used to navigate traffic, throttles can make your riding safer. Traditional cyclists will coast through a stop sign because getting back up to speed is too much effort. A throttle allows for full stop followed by full speed. Another example of throttle use for safety is ensuring you are quickly through a busy intersection by bringing you up to full speed in good time.

  • False - An ebike with a throttle is a moped, a motorbike, a scooter

    No, an ebike with a throttle is an ebike and still conforms to Canadian regulations. Alongside pedal assist, the throttle equipped Pedego offers the most genuine biking experience, because the throttle gives you help only IF and WHEN you need it, allowing for a natural biking feel the rest of the time.

  • False - Throttles are just silly and only for fun

    A throttle gives you ultimate control. Power on demand for when you need it. Twist the throttle just a bit for a boost or full rotation for all out power. Leave it alone when you don’t need it. A throttle is a great tool for cycling and a serious ebike essential. But yes, they are fun too.

  • True - Throttles are legal in Canada

    Throttles are legal in 99+% of North American streets, roads, trails and bike lanes. You can legally ride your Pedego with a throttle to work, the rec centre, your favourite ice cream shop, the mall, and to your friends and family’s place – anywhere you would normally use your bike.

  • Your Pedego ebike throttle can be turned off

    In the unlikely event that the path between your house and your destination is one of those very few exceptions where throttles are banned, your throttle can be disabled, and you can rely solely on the pedal assist system instead.

  • True - Throttles Take Battery Power

    When you use your throttle a lot, you will usually draw more power from your battery, likely reducing your range.

  • True - Throttles allow you to not pedal.

    If you are going to sit on your ebike and engage the throttle the entire time, that is totally your choice. We doubt many riders actually want to do this and would rather be pedaling their ebike. That’s the lazy myth. The reality is we want a throttle option to:

    • Accelerate up a steep hill
    • Get started from a standstill
    • Pull through a busy intersection without delay
    • Ride a bike with limited physical ability
    • And more
  • True - All Pedego ebikes come with throttles

    All Pedego ebikes come with throttles (with the exception of our mid-drive full-suspension mountain bike – the Pedego Elevate). We offer the throttle because we believe it’s a “no-brainer.”

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