One-Year vs Five-Year Warranty – Let’s Examine the Difference…

August 16, 2022

A solid product warranty is great for peace of mind and can help a person decide whether to make a big purchase – or not.

Pedego electric bikes come with a “No Excuses” Customer Care warranty. * It’s an industry-leading five years on parts and the battery (We have a lifetime frame warranty.) and we can offer such a robust warranty because of our rock-solid product.

While other companies try, here’s why a one-year warranty may not protect you as well as it should.

Let’s say you buy your electric bike mid-summer. You ride like the wind until early fall when a work project takes up more of your time. You ride less and less as the mornings grow cooler and then – snow! Your bike is parked for the off-season.

What is the off season? It takes a special kind of person to ride bike 12 months a year in Canada. Most of us put our bikes in storage until the ice and snow melt. While you long for another fun ride, your warranty keeps ticking.

If you get counting, November to April equals six months! Your electric bike has just spent half of your one-year warranty parked, unused, untested.

Is a one-year warranty really one year?

With a Pedego five-year warranty, you don’t need to worry about those months your bike is parked during the off season. You have five seasons of riding to do!

What warranties do other electric bike sellers offer?

The industry standard warranty seems to be one year, maybe two if you’ve found a good company.

  • Rad Power Bikes – Limited one-year warranty in Canada
  • IGo Electric Bikes – 12-24 months
  • Aventon – Limited one-year warranty
  • VoltBike – One-year warranty
  • Envo – One-year warranty
  • Himiway – Two-year warranty

What does Pedego offer?

At Pedego, we see every warranty issue, no matter how small, as an opportunity to show you how much we care. By purchasing your bike from one of our local Pedego stores, you’ve entered into a lasting relationship with expert owners who can help ensure the longevity of your bike.

Our Pedego warranty depends on you bringing your bike in for a 160 km tune up and an annual service. A little love and a lot of mechanical mastery are part of keeping the bike in top working order so you don’t encounter those warranty problems to begin with.

Original Pedego’s top-quality parts and components are covered by a five-year limited warranty. Like most electric bike manufacturers, the warranty applies to the original owner only.

Why does a battery warranty matter?

Your electric bike battery makes up a large portion of your purchase price. Because of their cost and their requirement for using your bike, having your battery under solid warranty is a huge plus. Pedego offers a 5-year prorated warranty on batteries:

0-36 months  Free repair or replacement 
37-42 months  40% off replacement 
43-48 months  30% off replacement 
49-54 months  20% off replacement 
55-60 months  10% off replacement 

We recommend reading through Pedego’s complete warranty policy and the policy of other manufacturers before committing to a purchase.

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