Importance of Quality Batteries and How to Take Good Care

May 4, 2022

Couple sitting lakeside with pedego electric bikes parked

The battery for your electric bike is a valuable part of your entire electric bike system. If you’ve found a bargain e-bike under $3,000-4,000, be cautious. It’s important to find a good quality bike and battery combo and take care of it – for safety and enjoyment.

Pedego Canada offers one of the top warranties in the electric bike business because we’re so confident in our batteries and the quality of the components in them. We recommend doing your best to purchase a lithium battery from one of the “big three” name-brand cells: Samsung, Panasonic, or LG.

Cheap electric bicycles, like the kind you find at online or discount stores, do not have matching quality of manufacturing or warranty. It is well worth it to spend more money up front to save you from later mechanical problems with your bike, or worse – the garbage dump, or even a fire. Non-reputable manufacturers use lower-quality components which are often the culprit.

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