Our Favourite Photos from Pedego Palooza


Over 500 members of the Pedego Owners Group (POG) got together for a fun day at the Huntington Beach Airshow in southern California recently. It was the first time the event was held and it was dubbed Pedego Palooza.
Approximately 200 people arrived at the Pedego headquarters and enjoyed a tour of the facility and met the staff.

Then they enjoyed the short electric bicycle ride to Huntington Beach where they met up with another 300 other Pedego owners. There were tents and colourful inflatable chairs waiting for everyone as well as a delicious barbecue. Then they all got to relax and take in the incredible air show that featured old-school bi-planes, helicopters, and fighter jets.

In the video above, Pedego CEO Don DiCostanzo explains that one of the primary reasons for the event is to “show our customers we care about them. We’re not just in the bike business, we’re not just a company that sells electric bicycles, we’re a company with a community and a sense of family.”

Don goes on to say whether you’re a Pedego customer, employee or store owner, we’re all part of one big happy family. “And we like to have a lot of fun like we did at the Air Show at Huntington Beach,” he says.
There was every different model and colour of Pedego electric bike on hand, from the Interceptor to the Comfort Cruiser. There were also people from all walks of life, and the best part about the event was the “camaraderie and listening to all the stories from the Pedego owners and how Pedegos have changed their lives,” Don says. “They now have something to do on the weekends and places to go. They love events like this and we’re sure going to do a lot more Pedego Paloozas.”

Photographer Allan Crawford was on hand to capture all the activities throughout the day. He is a senior photographer for Road Magazine and routinely shoots for a variety of sports teams and advertisers. His passion is for showing people in action and for conveying a story through photography. He is selling photographs from the Pedego Palooza event on his website, which you can find here: Pedego Palooza Photographs.
We’ve selected some of our favourites from over 200 of Allan’s shots from that day to repost here. If you’d like to see an event similar to this in Canada, drop us a line anytime at info@pedegocanada.ca.

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