The Best-Selling Pedego Electric Bike In Canada


There’s a reason the #1 selling Pedego electric bike in Canada is the City Commuter: this bike has it all! Whether you’re commuting the streets of cities such as Ottawa or Vancouver or you’re gliding down country lanes in New Brunswick or Alberta, this electric bike is the complete package and all for a reasonable price.

It’s interesting to note that the flashier, cruiser-style Interceptor is the most popular electric bike in the United States. Perhaps it’s because there are more beaches to cruise there. But here in Canada, we prefer the City Commuter: practical, stylish, and can go the distance… just like us Canadians!

The riding style on a Pedego City Commuter is upright and reminiscent of the bikes from yesteryear, which means the traditional city-style handlebars feel natural and familiar for all riders. Other features include:

  • Unique to the City Commuter is a quick release handlebar stem that allows you to easily make adjustments for a perfect fit.
  • A soft, luxurious saddle with a suspension seat post provides plenty of cushioning where it matters most.
  • And premium balloon tires give you a nice, smooth ride.

Different Kinds Of City Commuter Electric Bikes

One of the great things about the Pedego City Commuter electric bike is how many different versions there are of it. Not to mention all the different colours! Here are the different styles of Pedego City Commuter electric bikes:

The beautiful and fully-loaded 28″ Step-Thru City Commuter Black Edition.

While it’s nice to be comfortable, what really sets the City Commuter apart is it’s supercharged performance. It can climb hills like nobody’s business, cover plenty of distance, and it’s just plain fun and exciting to ride.

  • A state of the art motor delivers best in class acceleration and hill climbing. The sensation of power it gives you is exhilarating.
  • The battery is lightweight and long lasting. It uses Samsung cells with cutting edge lithium-ion technology and a two-year warranty (Pedego batteries now have a prorated five-year warranty!).

The City Commuter comes fully loaded with all the convenient and practical features that make a bike truly great. It includes:

  • A twist and go throttle for full power on demand
  • Five levels of pedal assist mode for a more natural riding experience
  • An LCD display with information about your ride and a built in USB charger for you phone
  • Front and rear lights for your safety
  • Top of the line disk brakes for powerful and reliable braking
  • Seven gears for easy pedaling
  • Fenders with mudflaps
  • A full coverage chain guard
  • A sturdy rear rack to carry your stuff
  • Kevlar belted tires with self sealing tubes to help prevent flat tires
  • And there’s even a bell built right into the brake lever

In summary, the Pedego City Commuter is Canada’s best-selling Pedego electric bike and it’s easy to see why. It’s widely considered to be the very best all-around electric bike you can get – for any price.

We invite you to find a dealer and take a free test ride today. Discover for yourself all the joy of riding a Pedego City Commuter electric bike.

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