Electrek Reviews Pedego’s New Ebike Launch – the Moto, Cargo and the Fat Tire Trike

May 7, 2024

Pedego Moto Duel Sport Ebike in Canada

Pedego is thrilled to introduce our latest ebike models—the Moto, the Cargo, and the Fat Tire Trike. These models represent groundbreaking advancements in ebike technology and design, offering unparalleled performance and style.

Electrek online magazine recently highlighted Pedego’s three new ebikes in a review featuring Pedego CEO Brian Stetch:

“This is officially the next generation of electric bicycles. Built to exceed the industry’s highest standards, each bike is outfitted with cutting-edge technology available only to Pedego customers, offering riders industry-leading safety, increased range, numerous customization options, and ultimately a superior riding experience for all.”

In writing for Electrek, Micah Toll says he appreciates Pedego’s three new e-bikes — Moto, Cargo, and Trike for their design, technological advancements, and Pedego’s to customer satisfaction.

Writes Toll: “Pedego has never tried to win on a dollar-per-watt comparison. Instead, the company relies on its added value, such as the industry-leading 5-year warranty (that includes anti-theft protection and lifetime frame warranty), the network of over 200 brick-and-mortar pedagogy shops, and high levels of customer service. If there’s one company that will hold your hand through every stage of an e-bike purchase, including after-sales support, it’s definitely Pedego.”

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**Please keep in mind that this article was published with the US market in mind including pricing, imperial measurements, and US power rating. Pedego electric bikes comply with Canadian road legal requirements of having a 500W power rating and top speed of 32 kilometres per hour.