How To Prep Your eBike For Spring

March 2, 2022

Ready to ride? Well, how do you get your ride ready for you? Before you start cycling after a long break, it’s important to ensure your Pedego electric bike is ready for the season. Get in touch with your local Pedego dealer. We are ready at this time of year with an inventory of spare parts and maintenance checks to get you back onto the seat.

However, for those of you who are highly motivated to start pedalling, we’ve compiled a checklist for bringing a bicycle out of winter hibernation.

Spring Servicing Must-Dos

  • Fastenings

    Check all fastenings for tightness including the axle nuts, fender stays, brake mounts, stem nuts and crank nuts.

  • Tire Pressure

    Tire pressure differs greatly by tire, bike and rider (the range we like to keep standard tires between is 40 to 60 psi).

  • Chain

    Examine your chain and ensure there’s no rust, not stiff links and it’s adequately lubricated. 

  • Stem

    Check your stem’s tightness by putting your legs around the front wheel to hold it in place, facing backwards along the bike, and move the handlebars back and forth horizontally to see if the bar moves relative to the wheel.

  • Seat Post

    Ensure the seat post lever is tight.

  • Handlebars

    Push down firmly on the handlebars to make sure they do not move in the stem.

  • Spokes

    Check spoke tension by tapping lightly with a screwdriver or similar metal rod to see if any ring with tone that’s significantly higher or lower than the rest. If so, take it to a dealer!

  • Brake Levers

    Make sure your brake levers do no go in all the way to the handlebar when they’re applied.

You’ve flown through this check list no problem? Great, then your Pedego is ready for a test ride. Take it on a short ride on a quiet road and listen for strange noises.  A little noise is a big hint that something may need to be addressed.  To find problems early, see Bike Speak 101.  Know your bike! And, if in any doubt… take it in to your trusted certified mechanic.

For those of you who are caught by the rapid change in season – you are not alone – and may not have winterized your beloved bicycles. It is not too late. Read our previous blog on Electric Bike Winter Storage and follow the steps in reverse: Get it out of storage, charge the battery, give it a clean… and then take it in for some long overdue TLC.

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