Pedego Prince Edward County On The Radio


Recently Pat Maloney and Gillian Maloney, the owners of Pedego Prince Edward County, sat down with Emily Cowan the host of the radio show “Taking Care of Business” to chat about the store, their backgrounds and the electric bike industry.

To hear the entire radio interview, click the play button below.

The pair talk about their upbringings (Pat was born and raised in Toronto, Gillian in the U.K.) and how they met in the Caledon Hills of Ontario after Gillian moved to Canada. Pat was working at a traditional bike store then (it was the 1970s so electric bikes were yet to become popular) and taking philosophy classes when he went on a class trip to the Caledon Hills in Ontario. That was where he first encountered Gillian. “The people we met (during that trip) were into primal therapy and talking about screaming. So we both left the building and drank some wine somewhere,” says Gillian, laughing.


They went on to have some excellent adventures together including, riding a tandem bicycle around New Zealand, working at Apple Computer in Australia and farming alpacas in Niagara. They also spent a lot of time riding bicycles around Prince Edward County in Ontario and eventually decided to move to the popular vacation area in Eastern Ontario. With his background in bicycles, Pat soon got involved with local associations to improve the bike trails in the region and eventually decided he’d like to open his own bike shop.

Pat and Gillian organized a pop up store last year, which went extremely well and this year opened a permanent store right on the Millenium Trail, “which is extremely well located,” he says in the interview. He goes on to say, “I’ve been looking at electric bikes for well over 10 years..and we’re seeing tremendous growth especially amongst baby boomers.” Gillian follows up saying, “These are beautiful bicycles and they give you the freedom to go where you normally wouldn’t go. We like to say they’ll take you wherever you want to go and get you home again.”

“One thing we really like about Pedego is that they’re different in the industry,” Pat continues. “They basically built their bikes from the bottom up rather than like the big bicycle manufacturers trying to add electric to their regular bikes…They also have the widest range of bicycles I’ve ever seen in the electric bike marketplace with a tricycle, tandem, fat bikes, off-road bikes, mountain bikes and folding bikes. It’s an amazing company.

To hear the entire radio interview, click the play button above and to learn more about Pat and Gillian, read our article, “Get to Know Pedego Prince Edward County.”

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