A British study finds equal or more positive health effects for riding an electric bike, compared to riding a normal bike, or not riding outdoors at all.

The study supports the hypothesis that it isn’t so much the amount or intensity of the exercise that matters, so whether you ride a Pedego or a regular bike, just getting outside and pedaling provides a health boost to ageing Canadians.

The effect of cycling on cognitive function and well-being in older adults, recently published in PLOS One, examined the cognitive function and wellbeing of people aged 50-83 years.

The researchers split 100 subjects into three groups: non-bikers, regular bikers and ebikers. They asked the subjects to do at least three 30 minute rides per week. Not suprisingly, the group with electric bikes rode for longer time periods each week than the regular bikers (2.39 hours).

The researchers from Reading and Oxford Brookes universities wrote: “Importantly, we showed an equal (if not larger) effect for the e-bike group as well as the pedal cyclists on measures of executive function and well-being.”

“Increasing older adults’ independence and mobility, reducing isolation and depression, is likely to have a positive impact on their mental health and cognitive function.”

The results of the study aren’t surprising to us. By riding your electric bike outdoors a few times a week, older people are able to improve their ability to plan, organise and execute everyday tasks.

Read the full abstract here.

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