Tips for a Smooth Ride


One of the best things about electric bikes is that they cost so little to operate—and a well-maintained electric bike will respond better and last longer with a bit of attention and elbow grease every so often.


What Can I Do at Home to Maintain My Pedego?

Every year, your bike will need to have the chain oiled and cleaned, and the grit removed from the cassettes. You can check your tire pressure regularly (before each ride is great!) with a squeeze. You can also use a tire guage to see if the number matches the PSI number written on the side of the tire somewhere in the high middle of the range. Inner tubes generally do not need to be replaced—so don’t worry, if your tires seem soft or deflated when the weather changes—this is a normal response to a change in temperature. If you re-inflate your tires and the pressure holds, you are good to go!

It costs so little in time and energy for you to check your tire pressure regularly, and clean and oil your chain and clean cassettes yearly. However, if you need assistance, we are happy to give your bike a tune-up! All tune-ups include:

  • cleaning and oiling cassette and chain
  • checking and balancing brakes
  • minor adjustments to cables, gears
  • looking over the wear on the tires to ensure you are safe and the ride is the best it can be

Back Tire Wear and Tear

We know the back tires on most of our bikes will need to be changed more often than the front. Noticing the wear on your back tire and replacing it promptly will help you stay safe and keep your bike operating more smoothly. We’ve noticed most Pedegos are good for about three years before they need a new back tire. When it comes time for a replacement, we recommend our Schwalbe line of tires for their long lasting wear.

Costs of Bike Maintenance

If a bike is stored consistently in a damp or wet environment there will be more cost in repair and less value on a trade in. The battery should always be stored inside. Just like a car, regular tune ups will keep your bike operating smoothly for a long time, and cost between $45 and $75 plus cost of parts showing wear. Well worth it for Pedego fun!

How Do I Get My Bike to Pedego Qualicum Beach for a Tune-Up or Repair?

We try to pick up and drop off bikes as we come and go from all the towns on the island. Give us a heads up and we will work you into the schedule. You can also call us ahead of time to book an appointment and bring your bike in yourself.

We enjoy seeing your bikes each year for an annual tune-up! It’s always a great idea to plan ahead and bring your bikes in September to October so they are ready to travel the following spring. If you’ve just purchased you Pedego, it’s fine to wait till spring 2019 for your first tune-up.

At Pedego Qualicum Beach, we offer a two-year full warranty on all of our bikes (Pedego ebikes now have a five-year warranty!) — it makes sense to our company and to the quality of our product. Our mission is to delight our customers, and we are here to support you! Maintaining your bike for long-lasting fun is a team effort!

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