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Mobile service and sales are available by appointment.

The Pedego Qualicum Beach store will be on respite as of October 27.

While our store will be closed, we’re not gone, we’re going on the road! Mobile service and sales are available by appointment. Please call us locally at: 250-738-9333 or toll free at: 1-844-738-9333

An electric bike is just like a regular bicycle — only better. You can pedal normally (or not), and get assistance up to 32 km/hr. It feels like being a kid again!

The Best Electric Bike

Pedego electric bikes combine the comfort & leisure of the automatic vehicle and the freedom & excitement of a classical bicycle into an intelligently designed, undeniably stylish, and an exceptionally crafted piece of machinery. Zipping around on an electric bike from Pedego is sure to become your new favourite way to get around town, simply because it’s a relaxed method of exercise together with a casual form of fun.

Pedego electric bikes are designed in California and built with quality, name brand components from the ground up.

Electric Bike Basics

Just like a normal bicycle – only better!


State-of-the-art geared motor delivers best in class hill climbing and acceleration.


Lightweight, long-lasting lithium battery with an industry leading two year warranty.


Comfortable and convenient twist-and-go throttle for full power on demand.

Pedal Assist

Automatic power for a more natural riding experience. (Standard on most models.)

Bike of the Month

It’s always a good idea to give your Pedego a thorough inspection when the season changes. Things to note include:

  • tire pressure
  • brake performance: do they need an adjustment?
  • chain: is it clean and oiled?
  • gears: are they moving smoothly?
  • Are there any rattling or other strange sounds when you ride?

Think your Pedego might need some love? Let us do it for you! We’re offering 20% off on all service for the month of October!

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Pedego Group Rides

Are you interested in finding other Pedego riders to adventure with?

We are feeling the Pedego community on Vancouver Island growing—it’s always fun to see folks on Pedego bikes arrive at our regional test rides, letting new riders know that their Pedego was the “best investment ever”. 

Get in touch with us! We can help you connect with other riders who share your interest in Pedego-ing. Whether you love to hit the trails, or prefer a leisurely ride on regional pathways, we can connect you with others who share your interests.

Also, if you are interested in organizing or participating in a Pedego meet-up, or a large group ride, please get in touch! With two weeks of notice we can help share the event on our Facebook page.

In the new year, we’ll also be offering free test rides in your neighbourhood by request. If four folks want to try four bikes anywhere on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands, we will bring them to you to try for a short ride on your terrain!

Look at our full selection of Pedego Electric Bikes

Take a Spin

Test ride your favourite model for free or rent a bike and take a self-guided tour! Test rides are available in our quiet neighbourhood behind the Pedego Qualicum Beach store (702 Memorial Ave).

Come in TODAY for a Test Ride!

Local: 250-738-9333
Toll-free: 844-738-9333

Email us:

You’ll find us in the heart of Qualicum Beach, just a few minutes ride from endless trails and fun!


For Fun

Find the freedom and joy of getting outside again. Ride effortlessly through town or country. Your ride will always be worry-free because of Pedego’s famous quality, dependability and long-term durability backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. All Pedego Electric Bicycles come with a 1-year tire to tire warranty and a 3-year warranty on our top-of-the-line Lithium Battery. We dare you to ride a Pedego Electric Bicycle and not SMILE at the same time… It’s impossible.


Imagine riding to work and not being soaked in sweat. With up to 100 km of range and the ease of pedal assist, commute effortlessly and have fun riding to work. Imagine not having to stop for gas and not having to worry about parking. Imagine bragging to your friends that it only costs about 10 cents to charge your battery vs $60 or more to fill your car. A Pedego Electric Bicycle could replace your second car and may just become your favourite means of transportation!


Pedego’s 5 levels of pedal assist and on-demand throttle allow you to exercise at any level you want with comfort and ease. Pedal as little or as much as you wish and do it at up to 32 KM per hour. Make exercise FUN again. Turn exercise into an adventure: load your baskets with lunch and turn a normal day into a full day of exercise and FUN.


There are many great stories of people having gained mobility and strength from using Pedego Electric Bicycles. Some people would never have started riding again if it were not for Pedal Assisted Bicycles. Whether you pedal easy, moderate or hard, Our Pedego Electric Bicycles will assist and strengthen you while you are having the time of your life!


For many owners, a Pedego electric bicycle has become their second car. It’s great for shopping, groceries, commuting, errands, and numerous reasons NOT to drive a car. The money saved and the carbon footprint reduced will make you feel proud. The more you use your Pedego the less you will want to drive your car. It happens to everyone. Check out some interesting facts below of CAR vs. E BIKE.

Customers don’t like Pedegos – they love them!

“We went to Pedego Qualicum Beach because we had heard such good stories about how friendly the owners Julie and Ruby are, and what fast brilliant service they provide. All of it is true, they have helped us through our growing pains. Now with 1500 kilometers on my bike I feel like seasoned pro. The first moment I saw my bike at the store I knew it was the one for me. Yes, it was love at first sight.

My life changed for the better the first time I threw my leg over my bike’s beautiful neon blue bar and took off… freedom, joy and peace is my experience.”

Kimm NightingaleGabriola Island, BC

“My Pedego bike has changed my life! Electric bikes make riding to work, shopping or town possible for people who live in rural areas. I love that I can ride my bike to Courtenay from rural Merville these days. It only takes about 30-40 minutes, and it’s a pleasant ride. When I get to town, I’m not super sweaty and exhausted, and I still have energy to get errands done, go to work, and visit friends.

Ruby and Julie have been instantly helpful every time I had a question or needed maintenance. They are so dedicated and thorough, riding is always a dream!”

Moss DanceCourtenay, BC

“I feel more connected to my community.”

Nancy Morrison Courtenay, BC
Pedego Electric Bikes Canada | Guelph ON

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Mobile service and sales are available by appointment.