Last year was one of the best ever for electric bikes in Canada. The word has spread that electric bicycles (or ebikes) are an excellent option for commuters and recreationalists. And they’re fun! In this article we share the top five selling electric bikes in Canada for 2017 according to Pedego Canada’s calculations.

#5. Latch

In a country where many people fly, drive and boat their way south during the coldest winter months, it makes sense that a folding electric bike is such a popular seller. The Pedego Latch is the perfect go-to vehicle for snowbirds who travel to warmer climes and need something to get them around the golf courses, marinas, RV parks and vacation resorts. It can fold to a compact 33” x 18” x 32” from it’s normal size of 60” x 23” x 45” and it weighs just 43 pounds without the battery for easy transport. For more information check out the Pedego Latch. 

Family riding electric cargo bike

#4. Stretch

The workhorse of the Pedego fleet, the Stretch electric cargo bike is the #4 selling electric bicycle in Canada. It boasts a carrying capacity of 300 pounds and has been used to transport everything from cargo freight in Toronto to children in Vancouver. It has a powerful 500-watt motor but the real benefits of this electric bike are the special features, which include removable side racks that can be shifted from bottom (where they’re used as platforms for a passenger’s feet) to the top to increase carrying capacity. The back rack can also be turned over to accommodate different kinds of cargo. As for the front rack, it’s directly attached to the frame so it doesn’t move with the handlebars, ensuring it’s easy to maintain balance. Click here for more information.

#3. Ridge Rider

This is Pedego’s go-anywhere electric bike that is comfortable on paved bike lanes as well as steep mountain trails. Because of this, it makes sense that the Pedego Ridge Rider is the #3 selling electric bike in Canada, a country that has a vast amount of off-road trails as well as paved tracks. This is the bike that feels and rides most like a traditional mountain bike and it features front fork suspension, hydraulic disk brakes and a Shimano SLX 20 speed drivetrain for easy pedalling and smooth shifting. Click for more information on the Pedego Ridge Rider.

Pedego Canada

#2. Interceptor

We love it and you do to…the #2 bike of 2017 was the Interceptor! Interestingly, this was the #1 selling bike in the United States, which could have something to do with its flashy design. The Interceptor electric bike definitely turns heads. It’s sporty styling, including swept-back handlebars, is reminiscent of the glory days of North American automobiles such as the Chevrolet Corvette. Except this one saves you a ton on fuel costs! With its combination of geared rear hub electric motor and beach cruiser comfort, it’s no wonder this is the #2 selling electric bike in Canada. It’s available in a variety of colours (including the premium Platinum edition) in a 26” Classic design as well as a 24” or 26” Step-Thru design. Click here for more information.

#1. City Commuter

And finally, the #1 selling electric bike of 2017 is the Pedego City Commuter. This is the bike you can ride to get around anywhere in a city, town or community. And like many Canadians, it’s practical, stylish, and can go the distance. Available in a 26” classic design as well as a 24” or 26” step-thru design, the Pedego City Commuter is perfect for any type of Canadian rider. It handles similar to most bicycles because of its tradition city-style handlebars, but it’s powerful motor effortlessly takes you up any hill you encounter. Click for more information on the Pedego City Commuter.

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