William Shatner Discusses Pedego on CBC


William Shatner, best known for his role as Captain James T. Kirk on the hit TV and movie franchises Star Trek, was recently interviewed by Tom Power on CBC Radio’s Q show. He talked about his new book, his five decades in the movie and TV industry and … why he loves Pedego electric bikes!

“Pedego bikes: go get on a bike and pedal and then if you get tired, hit the electric switch!” Shatner says during the discussion. “The world is alive and waiting for you if only you just say yes to it.”

The entire 20-minute interview can be listened below or at CBC’s website and in it the 87-year-old actor talks about how he stays so active with all his projects. He has a country music album out now as well a book called, “Live Long and … What I Learned Along the Way” and a Christmas album called “Shatner Claus” coming out in December and he says the secret to his zealousness is, “Just say yes to life. Say yes to it all.”

This is a transcription of the interview at around the 15:20 mark:

Shatner: “Pedego bikes. Buy a Pedego bike.”

Power: “Is this the bike again?”

Shatner: “That’s right. It’s like a little motorcycle if you wish, or you pedal away. You pedal your little rear end off.”

Power: “I gotta admit to you Bill, I’m curious about that thing.”

Shatner: “You gotta try it. Fifteen member of my family, we have a close-knit family anyway, but imagine 15 people going out on a bicycle trip and everybody hanging together because nobody is faster than the other. Pretty good right!?”

Power: “Yeah, not bad.”

Shatner: “No no, that’s a Canadian-ism. You gotta get rid of ‘Not bad.'”

Power: “Extremely good!”

Shatner: “Now you sound like a positive Canuck.”

Shatner was born in Montreal, Quebec on March 22, 1931. He attended McGill University and his first job out of school was business manager for the city’s Mountain Playhouse. From there he joined the Canadian National Repertory Theatre in Ottawa and his acting career flourished on the stage and screen.  Today Shatner lives in Southern California and regularly spends time with his extensive family. He loves nothing more than getting together with all of them for family dinners, get-togethers on the beach and during fun rides on their Pedego electric bikes.

He and his wife, Liz, fell in love with their first pair of Pedego Electric Bikes back in 2012. Today, the family owns 16 of them: everything from the beautiful Platinum Step-Thru Interceptor to the sporty Ridge Rider. “The first thing that comes to mind with Pedego is the ease with which you can use it,” he says, “It’s so easy! It’s simplicity itself.”

To learn more about Shatner’s love affair with Pedego electric bikes, read our story, “Why William Shatner Love Pedego.

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