A few years ago we met a lovely couple named Linda and David at the Toronto International Bicycle Show. They are the masterminds behind the popular Retired and Travelling blog that details their experiences travelling around the world now that they’re in their golden years. One of our favourite articles by them describes how they came to decide to purchase a “candy red Pedego ebike…It looked so sleek and European” and how they regularly ride the lakeshore trails near their Toronto home. The blog continues by discussing the criteria Linda and David used to look for an electric bike (they definitely did their homework!) and ends with them saying they “can now ride when it is windy and on a course that has some hills. We can take our eBikes to other scenic locations and know that we can do a gentle but longer ride.” Linda and David touch on a really important aspect about electric bikes: they’re perfect for retirees! We can list dozens of examples of people who are over 55 years old around Canada and whose lives have been improved thanks to the purchase of an electric bike.  Here are five reasons why electric bikes are perfect for retirees.


As we age is becomes more challenging to maintain our fitness and keep those nagging pounds off our midsections. The great news is riding an electric bike helps you lose weight, even though you’re not having to exert yourself and get all sweaty and sore like you would on a normal bike. That’s because:

Electric bikes work you out without extra pain
They help you burn calories
They allow you to easily bike up hills and against headwinds
And electric bikes are so fun, you want to use them!
But don’t just take our word for it. Miryam Liberman is a 64-year-old semi-retired doctor living near Los Angeles who credits her Pedego Interceptor for helping her overcome a number of physical challenges. In fact, she says her Pedego is one of her best forms of physical therapy.


Many retirees are on a fixed income and as gasoline prices rise, it can be harder and harder to justify spending lots of money to fill the gas tanks of our cars driving around town. Thankfully, electric bikes offer a solution for retirees. Rather than spend $60 or more filling up your vehicle, you can spend 10 cents to fill up an electric bike battery. And that’s just the cost of fuel – we haven’t even looked at the ongoing rates of maintaining a vehicle, parking it and insuring it. With a Pedego electric bike, you don’t have to worry about licensing or those additional costs that come with a car


Sure you can take your electric bike out and go for a spin on your own whenever you want but it’s also nice to know there’s a community of like-minded people out there who are happy to join you whenever you want the company. And that’s something Pedego electric bikes has really excelled at over the years: nurturing communities of electric bike owners to enjoy group rides and other fun activities together. In fact, the main reason our Pedego Owners Group exists is so electric bike riders can connect with one another. Electric bikes also allow you to go biking with your grandkids and other members of your family. William Shatner, the Canadian actor who played Captain Kirk on the hit TV series Star Trek loves his Pedego electric bike for just that reason: he can go biking with his kids and grandkids and keep up to them! (Actually, he says they have to keep up with him.)


Whether you’re a fan of exploring the countryside from the comfort of your RV camper trailer or love sailing from port to port, an electric bike is an excellent second vehicle to bring along for the ride. Rather than towing a heavy car, simply store electric bikes on the back of your RV with a bike rack or bring along the compact, folding Latch electric bike that easily fits into the trunk of a car or the hold of a boat. That way, when you get to your destination, you can unload the electric bike and go exploring without burning anymore fuel. (And you’ll see the sites a lot better too!)

Remember how much fun and how liberating it was to ride a bicycle as a kid? Electric bikes provide that exact same enjoyment but for adults and seniors. All you have to do is test ride one and you’ll be smiling from ear to ear! And there’s no need to worry about those pesky hills because the electric motor will assist you up them with ease. Plus, if you’re nervous about riding on two wheels, there’s always the Pedego electric tricycle option that boasts three wheels and is incredibly stable.

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