Bear & Gillian’s top 5 tandem riding tips


Plenty of couples want to try tandem bike riding, but there is a way to do it right according to Patrick (Bear) and Gillian Maloney, owners of Pedego Prince Edward County.

They’ve been sharing a bicycle since the 70s, they’ve owned three tandems, including one they rode around New Zealand for five months.

It is no surprise that their picturesque store in Bloomfield has become Canada’s most popular destination for renting an electric tandem bicycle.

The beauty of an electric tandem is that the motor can pick up any slack and potentially avoid some arguments.

However, there’s still plenty of areas for negotiation and collaboration when two people are riding one bicycle.

To help out any young lovers who may be hiring or riding a tandem bike, we bring you “Bear & Gillian’s top five tips for Tandem Biking.”

1. Communicate, communicate & communicate
2. Rent before you buy.
3. Be comfortable with speed because tandems can be very fast.
4. Practice climbing on smaller hills before the big ones.
5. Relax and enjoy the fun.

Pedego made the world’s first electric tandem, and while other electric bike companies have cottoned on to the popularity of this traditionally fun bike, we think Pedego’s beach cruiser is still the most lovely one around.

It’s for sale in red or black with balloon tires in four colours or rent one at Pedego Prince Edward County or Pedego Oyama, British Columbia. Riding is twice as much fun with someone you love!

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