Electric Bikes Revolutionizing People’s Commutes


The popular CTV news network in Vancouver just featured Pedego electric bicycles saying they are the answer to “high gas prices, heavy traffic and long commutes.” In a June 13 video and online article called “Going electric: How e-bikes are revolutionizing people’s commutes,” reporters Ross McLaughlin and Sandra Hermiston interview Pedego electric bike owner Greg Wong about why he loves e-biking so much. “It was so much fun. I knew that this was something that I really wanted to get into. So I bought one,” he said.

The CTV story also features Ann MacLennan, the owner of Pedego Vancouver, which just opened its doors last month. “I think it’s an exploding market,” she said, “[People like] the baby boomers are ready for a little extra help.” Ann grew up in Vancouver by Kitsilano Beach, near where her store is now located, and you can learn more about why she thinks Vancouver is perfect for electric bikes by reading our Q&A with her.

In the video we see reporter Ross McLaughlin test riding an electric bike and he says, “In a city full of bike paths and hills, adding power makes a lot of sense and it a whole lot easier to commute.” Later he exclaims about his test ride, “Once you’ve experienced it, you don’t want to stop! I want one.”

The news story goes on to explain that the law surrounding electric bicycles in British Columbia requires riders to be over the age of 16, wear a helmet and the bike cannot surpass the speed of 32 km/hr when not pedalling. The report does make a small mistake by saying the battery of an ebike can be no more than 500 watts. What the reporters meant to say is that the electric motor can be no more than 500 watts.

Towards the end of the video the two news anchors and Ross discuss his experience and he stresses that if you’re considering buying an e-bike check the warranty first. (Pedego is very proud of ours.)  He also stresses that you want to keep your bicycle well maintained and it’s recommended you take your e-bike in twice a year for maintenance. We recommend you visit any of the Pedego stores or dealers listed on our site to ensure your electric bike is maintained properly.

To see the video and read the article in its entirety, log on to the story on CTV’s website at: “Going electric: How e-bikes are revolutionizing people’s commutes.”

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