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Pedego Electric Bikes Brampton, ON

Looking for electric bikes in Brampton, ON?  
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Looking for electric bikes Brampton?  If there isn’t currently a dealer in your immediate area, we will cover the shipping and assembly costs if you decide to purchase a Pedego Electric Bike! Please check our dealer page to find the store closest to Brampton.

If you would like more information on types of pedelec bikes, call toll-free on 1-888-777-2066, email us at … or just check out the information available on this website. Electric bikes get you back on a bicycle, off the couch and out of the car! There are plenty of great reasons to ride a Pedego, but the best reason is simple … it’s fun!

If you are a potential electric bike dealer in Brampton, we would love to hear from you to discuss opportunities in this exciting electric bike market. Brampton is a perfect place for electric bike riding. Imagine cruising the Don Doan Trail on a sunny afternoon, easy as well as safe riding access weaving through the vibrant downtown core, and even daily commutes for the committed. Electric bikes take away that mental hurdle (a no-sweat ride to work!) and you end up riding your bike way more often!

The Pedego electric bikes available in Canada include the Boomerang Plus,  City Commuter, and the Interceptor. The Pedego colours and models accommodate every riding style and preference. Visit a Pedego store and demo a bike today – test rides are always free!

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